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Being a family owned and operated business has its advantages, and most of them benefit our customers. Unlike big box stores, you’re not transferred from department to department when you call us. We believe that personal service requires interaction between real people. That means we handle everything, from your initial inquiry to installation and future adjustments.

If you have a question or concern, one call gets you the answers you need. At Custom Windows Plus, we’re focused on and accountable for your satisfaction.

What Makes A Window A Custom Window?

As technology has advanced, the manufacturing of windows has changed in so many ways. Gone are the days of single pane glass and metal-framed windows built back in the ‘50’s and only available in common sizes.

Today, replacement windows are made from vinyl or PVC: materials that won’t degrade, rot or wear out. They feature multiple panes of glass separated by gas, which reduces energy loss. Equally impressive is the ability to produce a window that fits virtually every window opening to the nearest eighth of an inch! Consumers have a wide variety of windows from which to choose and in sizes that weren’t available 50 years ago.

Insist on Custom Windows Plus

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Insist on Custom Vinyl Windows & Patio Doors from Custom Windows Plus
Did you know you could actually feel when it’s time to replace your windows? If they’re cold to touch during the winter and hot to touch in the summer, you need to upgrade to new energy efficient windows. Your furnace and air conditioner are working overtime to keep your home comfortable…and all that heated or cooled air is escaping through your windows.

Our replacement windows feature three coats of Low E and Argon gas. This special treatment reflects heat energy back outside during the summer while reflecting internal heat energy back inside during winter months. This is the kind of workmanship that reduces your energy bill all year long.

When you see frost or condensation build-up, it could mean your home isn’t properly insulated and you’re losing heated and/or cooled air around your window frame. That’s usually a result of the huge temperature swings typical of our Wisconsin climate. During the winter months, frost acts as a wedge between your window and the frame, actually pushing the frame from the glass and creating a leak. Summer months bring outdoor hot air into contact with the cold conditioned air on the inside, creating condensation that eventually freezes and builds up, thus creating a wedge.

Custom Windows Plus Replacement Vinyl Windows feature fusion-welded corners and triple weather stripping. This superior made-in-the-USA construction seals out air and water, keeping your home more comfortable…and your energy costs low.[/section-wrap][section-wrap]

You don’t have to take our word for it.