Casement Windows in Wausau, Green Bay, Appleton, and all the Surrounding Areas

Are you buying a new house or planning to remodel one? No matter what you are doing, windows are an important part of every home. Windows not only add more character and definition to the interior of your rooms but are also responsible for serving essential functions such as allowing the right amount of light and air to enter your house, thereby enabling a healthy living condition for you and your home. Therefore, you must consider both the interior of your house and see if the windows complement the existing decor as well as check if the windows allow the right kind of light and air in the house. Along with that, you must also check the operation process of the windows and choose one that is easy to open and shut. Amongst the huge variety of windows available in the market, casement windows are quite popular. So, if you want to purchase high-quality casement windows, you can resort to us, at Custom Window Plus. We are a one-stop shop for various kinds of windows, right from Bay windows, awnings, to sliders, and casements. If you are from areas like Appleton, Eau Claire, Gillett, Green Bay, Oshkosh, or Wausau, you can rely on us.  

Here we have put together a few reasons why you should opt for our casement windows. Take a look. 

  • Top-Rated Quality 

First of all, our casement windows will transfer the weight of the glass away from the open sash and take it towards the center area of the window. This makes it more durable and energy-efficient. And that is why a clear choice for your home windows. 

  • Multiple Features 

We bring you multiple features, right from fusion-welded corners for a better structural foundation, energy-star certified, an innovative system design that stops sagging, maintenance free u-PVC vinyl composition, to most importantly, customization facility that designs a window opening just tailor-made for your home. We also offer plenty of grid, color, and glass options. 


So, what are you thinking? Without any delay, quickly get in touch with us today.  

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