Patio Doors and Sliding Doors in Appleton, Green Bay, Oshkosh, Wausau and Nearby Cities

Do you have a huge space outside your home? Then, you must have a beautiful patio as well. Since you have such a well-designed outdoor, it is recommended that you also install sturdy and aesthetic patio doors in your house. You can go for the sliding patio doors from us, at the Custom Window Plus. Our patio doors feature steal bar reinforced vinyl sashes with a heavy-duty system of locking. These are quite appealing and also long-lasting. You can also choose from key locks, brass handle hardware, and other deadbolt locks for additional security. If you live in and around Appleton, Chippewa Falls, Eau Claire, Green Bay, Oshkosh, or Wausau, and are looking for some great door options for the patio, then you can rely on us.

Patio Doors, Sliding Doors, Appleton, Green Bay, Oshkosh, WausauHere, we have put together a list of benefits that you will get by installing a patio door in the house. Take a look.

  1. Beautify or Enhance the Interiors

A sliding patio door can enhance the look and feel of your interiors beautifully because it will on look the vast expanse of your beautiful outdoor. It will enable you to enjoy the nature outside, be it the sunshine or the rains, without causing any damage to the properties inside.

  1. Energy-Efficient

Since the patio doors allow pouring of the natural light and fresh air, there is no need for artificial lighting or additional cooling. This inbuilt comfort can save on your energy bills too. So, get the patio doors for their energy-efficiency.

  1. Greater Safety

Last but not the least; you need these doors for greater safety at home. Given the increasing rate of criminal activities, you cannot afford to leave the patio side open regardless of locking the main door and the outer lawn gate.

If you are keen on buying the patio doors from us, then you can call us at 800-689-6143 for a free estimate today.

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