Sliding Doors and Patio Doors in Appleton, Eau Claire, Green Bay, Wausau and Nearby Cities

Every house needs a touch of modernity every now and then. Be it a colonial style house, vintage country-house or even a new apartment in the city, doors and windows form an integral part of the aesthetics and appearance of your residence. With new modern styles and functionality that comes with it, most articles like windows and doors have undergone much alteration. So today, if you want to add sliding doors to you home, you can do so without compromising the security of your property. Sliding doors not only make the space seem much sleeker and more open, but also come with high-quality protective glass that maintains security. So, if you want to add such a modern option to you home in Appleton, Chippewa Falls, Eau Claire, Green Bay, Stevens Point, Wausau or the surrounding locations, then come to us at Custom Windows Plus, where we provide such top-notch products at the best prices and styles available in the market.

Sliding Doors and Patio Doors in Appleton, Eau Claire, Green Bay, Wausau

Here’s why it is time to choose sliding windows for your house too:

  1. Space-saving:

Sliding doors are known especially for their sleek and slim design that does not take up much space. Naturally, that leaves a lot of room in your boundary areas to be utilized for something else or just left empty. They do not have hinges, but slide on track-rails, and thus there’s no need to swing them open. This ensures that it just glides over the other panel and no extra space is taken up unnecessarily.

  1. Inward-outward Exposure:

One of the most exciting features of sliding doors is the exposure they bring between the constant transparent visual flow between the outdoors and indoors. If you have a garden or just want to gaze at the panoramic landscapes beyond, then these glass panes are perfect for you. Additionally, they also maximize the effect of natural light, so that summers can be completely lit and warm inside-out.

So, if you want such doors for your home too, contact us now!

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