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Best Patio Doors in Wisconsin

Sliding, French & Terrace Models

Quality Construction You Can Depend On

Best Custom Vinyl Patio Doors in Wisconsin

A nameless overseas company doesn’t build our patio doors. They’re proudly manufactured right here in the USA and backed by our Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Fusion-welded corners ensure the structural integrity of each panel and maintain the strength of a dependably strong and durable frame.

By using u-PVC vinyl, we eliminate the need for future maintenance chores (like painting, staining, etc.). Even the screen doors get special consideration! These are heavy-duty aluminum extruded screen doors featuring a no-rust fiberglass mesh. When quality counts, you can always count on Custom Windows Plus!

Every Patio Door is a Perfect Fit

If every home was the same then maybe every door would be the same…but that’s not the case. Doors come in a wide variety of heights and widths and it’s often difficult getting that custom fit that makes all the difference in aesthetics as well as efficiency. However,it’s never a problem at Custom Windows Plus.

We make our patio doors to fit YOUR home. We custom build each door to fit YOUR door opening; ensuring you get a perfect fit each and every time. No re-framing necessary and no exorbitant costs for installation: just a beautiful door that fits perfectly!

Built Especially for Your Comfort and Safety

With steel-reinforced vinyl sashes and fusion-welded corners, our patio doors offer the strength and security you’d expect from Wisconsin’s premier replacement door company. With additional key lock, dead bolt and foot lock options, you’ll have a door that keeps your family and your home safe and sound.

We offer patio doors that are Energy Star Certified. They’ve been independently tested, verified and certified by the National Fenestration Rating Council. Only a door that meets the EPA’s stringent energy efficiency guidelines can be Energy Star Certified. You’ll know you’re getting a door that keeps the bad weather out…and the comfort of your home inside. Save money on energy costs and improve the entryways of your home with replacement doors from Custom Windows Plus.

Patio Door Models

Where Fashion Meets Function

Custom Windows Plus patio doors transform an entranceway into a warm invitation.
Quality construction and a sleek appearance combine in a door that’s as functional as it is fashionable.


Sliding Patio Doors in Wisconsin
Our sliding doors contain a moving sash that slides back & forth. Available in 2, 3, and 4-panel configurations.


French Patio Doors in Wisconsin
Our french patio doors are a set of two swing doors that hinge in the outside corners. An elegant look!


Terrace Patio Doors in Wisconsin
Our terrace doors are hinged in the middle with one side fixed and the other swings open and closed.